Anime Kick a place where you can find unique anime art from anime of all time from the classics to the day today hits as followed by Kanan Kick -Anime Kicks Founder Character as well as original art storyline and characters. Kanan is a teenage martial arts master, but that’s not the only thing she is good at. Her favorite piece to wear besides her martial arts kimono is cool anime T-Shirts. So she decided to give it a shot at designing some of her own!

Taking you on an unforgettable journey through anime genres and art .You will be able to see your favorite anime characters from one of the most popular all time anime as well as many more. Original Designs can be found. The designs featured are traditionally drawn by the artist behind this shop. Digital made designs can also be found.

The Collection

We decided to kick things off with MANGA as Kanan loves to read them so much! The Manga collection is inspired by the road that a idea,a character or even a story needs to take before it gets a chance to be animated. Everything starts with a simple sketch on paper aka the traditional way. In the past people only needed a piece of paper and ink to make something amazing! Since this is our beginning we want to start things off the old fashioned way You will get a chance to see the difference in style and art as our artist also grows along with Kanan, Anime Kick, and the reason this is all possible, YOU! Thank you so much for your support so far and we hope you will keep supporting us, because this is just the beginning!

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